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Auction Alert: Bid on a 1968 Big Block Corvette and a 1963 Porsche Tractor today

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Today’s pair of auctions that are set to close in a few hours include a restomod C3 Corvette restored in the early 2000s that has proven to be a great big-block driver, as well as a last-generation Porsche tractor that was restored just two years ago. Be sure to visit Hemmings Auctions for the latest listings and bidding results.

1968 Chevrolet Corvette

1968 Chevy Corvette red side profile

The longest design generation of the Corvette began in 1968 and the largest engine that year was the Mark IV big block. The 427 engine in this Corvette is not original, however, but it is mated to an aftermarket upgrade five-speed manual transmission. No accessories hinder the big-block as this ‘Vette doesn’t have air conditioning or power steering, and the engine is fed through a Demon four-barrel atop an aluminum intake manifold. The paint was redone in the early 2000s and the exterior is original save for the factory-style L-88 hood. All lights are said to be in functioning order and the glass is free from cracks and chips. Inside the car, the seats are factory leather and in stock condition with no rips or tears reported in the upholstery. The odometer shows 97,000 miles and the seller says that only the last 2,500 of them were done with rebuilt 427.

1963 Porsche-Diesel Junior 109 Tractor

Porsche Junior tractor Hemmings Auctions

The Junior line was the smallest of the Porsche-Diesel tractors and was based on the early design work of Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s. This 109 model was professionally restored in the Netherlands in 2017 before coming stateside. Utilizing an 822-cc single-cylinder Diesel engine and forced air cooling, the Junior is easy to operate and rated at 14 horsepower. Flexible and adaptable, the tractor can use many accessories to meet the various needs and tasks that a farmer would need to accomplish at that time. The four-speed manual is said to shift smoothly and the pedals and levers were refinished. The exterior is reported to have the original bodywork and chassis that were restored to its proper color and reassembled with the correct fasteners. The seller says piloting this workhorse is no problem, as all the levers, controls, and gauges function properly, with a custom seat cover upgrading the ergonomics.