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VIDEO: Don’t do this.

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While we’re all cooped-up at home practicing the gearhead version of social distancing (read: texting each other drag pics behind closed garage doors), we know that, at some point, you’ll find yourself online and searching for two things: parts and videos. And, let’s face it, sometimes one begets the other.

Which is why we bring you this classic clip: based on the view count alone, we’re guessing you may have seen this one before. But just like any great story, you won’t mind hearing and/or seeing it again.

Now, we’ve seen lots of these videos, too. But they always leave us wondering: what actually happened here? What causes the catastrophic loss of an entire rearend at the dragstrip? Obviously, the car got to the track and we’d assume (although, we know what that means) it had gone through some sort of shakedown process before it got to the tree, so…then what?

Let’s hear it: we want to know where your head’s at over the clinical, forensic dissection of this event. Let’s get all CSI over this thing. Plus, we want to make sure we don’t do this when the track finally opens again…