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Axled: A Chevelle with more than just a nose in the air

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If you follow along with Muscle Machines online, you know that we rarely ever get tired of seeing great, vintage snapshots of altered muscle. Whether it’s insane custom paint, purpose-built drag cars, street freaks or even just a set of custom wheels and a pair of air shocks, it’s all good. Very, very good.

So, when we stumbled across this old flika, we had to stash it away in our We’ll Build One Someday files to share with you later. And now is later. This Chevelle seems to not only be running a tube axle under its hoodless and velocity-stacked frontend, but that quintessential early Seventies “street freak” tradition of giant DOTs hung under an un-tubbed rearend. And an extra pair of foglights that, no doubt, point directly to the gods of Muscle above? Hard to pass up all the bolt-on gee-gaws in Aisle 3 at Pep Boys on the way to the checkout kid and that’s just a tradition that never gets old.

Back to the stance: we’re guessing this all started on the heels of the 1st-gen funny cars built with the idea that transferring weight to the rearend on launch at the dragstrip was an advantage. And before wheelwell tubs became a thing, giant Pro-Tracs or Mickey Thompsons couldn’t be stuffed under the rearend without lifting it up to clear them. BOOM: street freak!

So, as we always tend to ask, where is this car now? Who’s is/was it? Who built it? Where’s that Pepsi machine? Why are early Centerlines so expensive all-of-a-sudden? Let’s hear it, Hemmings Nation…