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Congratulations, Jay Leno, on getting into the Automotive Hall of Fame

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Jay with Shotwell.

Nothing against the other 2020 Automotive Hall of Fame inductees – Helene Rother certainly deserves a place there, as do Mong-Koo Chung and Thomas Gallagher – but none of them got a cameo in “Cars,” and if there’s any better indicator of automotive notoriety, I don’t know what it might be.

And, as it turns out, we’ve written about Jay a few times over the years. Jeff Koch has been over to his place to write up his Chrysler Turbine car and his various other alt-power vehicles. He even said some nice words about us for our 50th anniversary issue back in 2004.

So, hat’s off to you, Jay. We’ll be wearing denim all next week in your honor.