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A golden GT40 at the Golden Arches

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Oh, wow. How often do you stumble across a snapshot that so perfectly wraps up everything amazing about America in the early ’80s? Pulling one of the greatest race cars ever built, on a flatbed trailer, through a McDonald’s drive-thru behind a Japanese Mustang II, under the slow breeze of a giant American flag flapping in the background? We ask you, does it get ANY. BETTER. than this? We’ll go ahead and answer that rhetorical question: no. No, it does not.

We’ll say this much: if the stars aligned and we were fortunate enough to own an original Ford GT40, we’d absolutely pull it with a rig just like this (OK, but with an F-350 dually, obvs), just so everyone could see it with their own eyes. No need for an enclosed trailer – we’d actually feel obligated to show it off, understand? For the kids, y’know? We can still remember, vividly, seeing a 1-of-a-zillion “General Lee” ’69 Chargers on an open trailer at a motel parking lot in Georgia at the height of the “Dukes Of Hazzard” series and that experience is one of the reasons we’re here today, writing about it.

Full disclosure: we know the guy who originally posted this great, old snapshot. But, we’re not here to rain on anyone’s parade, either. So, who’s got the backstory on this scene that so perfectly captures ‘Merica at its best?