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VIDEO: The history of the first Pro-Touring car, Mark Stielow’s Tri-Tip 1969 Camaro

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We’ve waxed poetic about Mark Stielow’s Tri-Tip 1969 Camaro a few times before, including a deep dive into the car’s history and how it carved its name into muscle car history. As a quick review, yes, there were other vintage muscle cars with modern power and big brakes before this one, but Stielow, who works as an engineer at General Motors, found a unique balance. He took an existing car, almost completely redesigned the suspension, and built a machine that kept pace with serious track cars while retaining a level of refinement and manners to make it comfortable on the street. And then he went out and proved his work in competition, primarily in the One Lap of America – where a first-year DNF was followed by several top 10 results – and the Real Street Eliminator competition.

In this latest appreciation for the Tri-Tip, Hemmings Editor in Chief Terry McGean and Dan Stoner talk about what makes this car special and the changes Stielow applied throughout the car’s evolution. Take a watch, and if you’re as enamored with this car as we are, head over to Hemmings Auctions to check out the no-reserve sale of the Tri-Tip, ending on November 13.