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Really rising to the occasion: the full restoration of Honda N600 Serial No. 1

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While perusing the several cars that Honda’s taking to SEMA to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Honda in the U.S., we were surprised to see that the company didn’t include the first Honda automobile sold in the States (or, at least, the first by serial number). After all, Honda spent a lot of time following around Honda 600 specialist Tim Mings as he restored Serial No. 1, a car that he just happened to come across by chance.

Fortunately, Honda captured much of the restoration process in a series of videos, which it then assembled into one longer documentary, titled “Small Car, Big Dreams,” this past summer. In it, Honda interweaves the story of the individual car — or, as much as anybody seems to know about it — Honda’s entry into the States, and the importance of early Hondas to Mings and his family. Even if you’re not into the cars, it’s worth watching.