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Can you identify this mystery wood wheel?

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We received an email from a subscriber last month, asking to help identify the wood wheel seen here, but came up short. Can you offer any information to determine the origin of the item above?

The heavy 10 spokes and 22.5- or 20.5-inch rim diameter indicate that this wheel was on a truck or very heavy passenger car, but we do not recognize the center cap, which could be a “W” or an “M.” The use of four rim clamps might also be a clue. As an “M,” we theorized it may be from a Mogul, Maccar, or McNeilus truck (but definitely not Mack). If it is a “W,” then White seems a likely candidate, but it could be Wisconsin (1916-’17, before it became Oshkosh), and we have yet to find a wheel using that hub cap.

So any guesses? Let us know in the comments below.