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VIDEO: Build a hemi in less than 10 minutes!

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There are few things as satisfying as watching an old motor undergoing a fresh rebuild, amiright? There’s just something about a vintage cast-iron block and all those imperfections being perfected that warms an otherwise blackened gearhead heart. The aroma of assembly lube and fresh hi-temp paint, gasket sealer and metal polish…those are pleasures that mere mortals will die before ever experiencing.

And especially with an old mill like a ’51 – ’53 Chrysler 331c.i.d. V8: these early Hemi blocks were cast with their bellhousings, which makes them just a skosh more readily available, these days, than their later, bigger 392 cousins. Which also means there’s a better chance of you finding one and experiencing the sheer joy of owning, rebuilding and running your very own early Hemi. That’s just bucket-list stuff, right there.

So sit back, hit play and enjoy about the best 10 minutes of your day, watching this thing come together. The symmetry and brute strength of these early Hemis is only more beautiful topped by a pair of chromed Fire Power valve covers and a trio of 2-barrel carbs and spark arresters. God bless America.