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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1972 Pontiac Safari

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Original owner 1972 Pontiac Safari for sale on From the seller’s description:

Original owner of the car. The inside is in pretty good shape – the front driver’s seat has a hole in the seat. The cushion is a little soft on the left side of the bench seat. The rest of the seats are in good shape. They fold down and up correctly. When folded down they have the metal hinged platforms to allow no gaps between the seats. The back tailgate is still operable. the window comes down fine, and the tailgate comes up with some help from your hand. The weather stripping around the doors and and back window are in need of repair. There is a dent in the rear bumper from a trailer that hit the bumber. The passengar side rear panel there is a hit there.

The engine runs great – the brakes are a little soft. The odometer has flipped once on the car. This car is from North Carolina and Virginia. It has not been driven very much over the last ten years.

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Atlantic, Iowa
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