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VIDEO: Watch this 1940 Ford haul more than the groceries!

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It’s probably obvious by now that we’ve been talking about trucks this week around the Muscle Machines campfire. And here’s another one!

We first saw this fully-customized ’40 Ford brute at the SEMA Show last year and it really did stop us in our tracks. Which is hard to do during an entire week crammed full of cars built to do exactly that. When everyone brings their “A-Game,” what’s left, amiright?

But the “40 Shades Of Grey,” built by Carolina Kustoms got us. So, we thought you’d dig a little rolling photo album of where it came from, what it looked like when the shop took it in, the transformation it underwent and the final key-start. Glorious.

Have you seen this thing in-person? Got any pics of it on your phone? Let us hear what you think of this thing. When it comes to one of our favorite trucks of all time, 40 Shades Of Grey is a great example of where build styles are heading and we just fully dig the heck out of it.