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Muscle Beach: When Ford trucks hit the sand!

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We do love us some dentside Ford. OK, full disclosure: one of your Muscle Machines newsletter drones might be particularly partial to these 6th-gen Ford trucks, but hey, can you blame him? Sure, they might not be as white-hot right now as the squarebody Chevy pickups of the same general era, but we’re definitely seeing more of them at the SEMA Show with every passing year. Safe to say that if you haven’t picked up one of these pickups yet, get one now before the prices really start going up.

But what does this shot of the Gilbert/Wingett-piloted, Stroppe-prepped desert banshee have to do with muscle cars? Well, we don’t live on pure muscle alone, do we? We can love the cars, but love this strain of muscle trucks, too, no? After all, it takes nearly the same set of skills to build a Mint 400 motor as it takes to build an Englishtown quarter-miler, right?

So, enjoy. And tell us what kind of mail-hauler you’ve got parked next to your Chevelle or Mustang or 442 or Challenger or Cougar or…well, you get the point.