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Open Diff: What do you want to know about the new Shelby GT500?

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I’ll be driving the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in a few weeks. It’s the most powerful Mustang ever, with 760 horsepower, and it comes from a long line of legendary predecessors. If there ever was a new car relevant to the Hemmings audience, this is it. So tell me: What information do you want me to bring back from my time in the driver’s seat and talking to the people behind the car?

This leads into a further point of discussion as well. Hemmings exists to celebrate the automotive hobby. Sometimes that hobby extends beyond classic cars. Whether it’s an all-encompassing interest in everything on four wheels or a practical need for a daily driver, our interests often wander into the modern era. So when an opportunity to cover other relevant new cars comes up, we’ll bring you a review here on the Hemmings website from time to time.

Don’t panic, and don’t get too excited just yet. We’re not getting into the new-car review game here, just highlighting a new car once or twice a month at most. There are other places you can read up on the latest and greatest in the automotive world, and we don’t need to compete with those publications. But some new cars are worth consideration, because they either have a link to the past or they’re the kind of machines that appeal to people who love cars. There is also a secondary benefit that years down the road we can look back at a contemporary account when these cars becoming classics in their own right. The goal is to apply the Hemmings magic to these occasional forays into the new-car world.

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody, SRT Hellcat Widebody, R/T Scat Pack Widebody (from left to right)

Photo courtesy of FCA.

This second question is more difficult than the first one: What kinds of cars should we review? (And yes, you can say none, just keep the tone polite in the comments.) Performance cars from American brands are an easy yes. After that it gets tricky. Do you want to know about anything affordable and fun to drive, or should we stick to performance models? I’ll come clean about my inherent personal bias against SUVs, but, as they take over more of the market, I wonder if we should cover the ones that make some attempt to appeal to the enthusiast. (At this point, I’m leaning towards a hard no on that last item.) Then there are trucks, which we use to haul our cars and parts. Do you want to know the good and bad of the latest pickups?

Many of the “should we review this one” questions won’t need an answer due to the limited number we’ll be doing. It’s a self-imposed constraint, but a welcome one to make sure we stick to the good stuff. And who knows, maybe by talking about a new car we’ll lead some new people in the world of classics as well.