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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1976 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer 712M

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Serviced 1976 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer 712M for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is a Swiss military 1976 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 712M with the Rapier missile system double rear doors (barn doors). It has always been stored indoors and only has 34,100 original documented miles on it. The stated mileage on the odometer is accurate and matches the original Swiss military driving and service records. It always fires right up, runs great, has always been reliable and has never let me down, never failed to start or had any issues whatsoever. It has only had one owner since being sold by the Swiss govt.

This truck does not leak oil, not a single drop, yes seriously! That is not any kind of exageration, this truck has no drips or leaks whatsoever; if you don’t believe it, I invite you to come see for yourself.

Although many photos show the truck without the rear top, the top is included and is perfectly functional and without leaks.

* It has a solid body with only minor dings and typical Swiss Army touch up paint. Truck has no rust at all except one rust bubble the size of a nickel beginning to form, but not bad and a tiny bit of surface rust on driver door-top. Overall this truck is almost completely rust free.

* Everything works as it should. All hydraulic differential lockers operate reliably as does the hydraulic 6×6 system. High-low shifter on transfer case works fine. The transmission shifts easily and smoothly in all gears. All lights function, including the black-out stealth night driving capability.

* Has original electromagnetically shielded ignition system, in case you want to drive it after an electromagnetic pulse explosion or operate HF radio equipment without electrical interference.

* The vinyl tops do not leak. A few holes, mostly at the corners of the bows were all patched and do not leak. Large piece of new USGI repair vinyl off a 2.5t truck provided.

* The truck is started and driven often, several times a month, but not driven much as far as miles; this has kept it in excellent running condition.

* Everything is included to convert this truck back to its original Swiss military configuration except for the actual Rapier missile racks.

I will personally train the new owner how to drive it, operate all features and do a preventive maintenance walk-through.

This truck has not been butchered by having numerous random holes drilled in it; I didn’t even drill holes to mount the license plate, instead I made an adapter plate that uses the existing holes. Aside from the two 3/16″ holes for the rear door latch, nothing else on the entire truck has been drilled or cut in any way.

I have replaced all six rubber axle-boots in the summer of 2018 . You can buy this truck with complete confidence to drive it home, wherever that may be and then go directly to the woods and the trails from there with no problems, and I do have confidence that this is the truck to do it; I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it cross-country.

With it will I will include any and all Pinzgauer related spare parts and accessories that I have (at the time of sale), including:

* SuperWinch Talon 9.5 24v 9000k winch, new, with mount and installed ($1,200 value).

* Two 70w 24v NIB US military surplus driving lights (not shown in any photos, new in the boxes).

* Three full sets of original Swiss tire chains for all six wheels, that’s two extra sets in addition to the standard one set!

* Spare: (new) points & condenser, spark-plugs, fan-belts (NAPA), air-filter (Wix).

* English Service Manual.

* Original Swiss Army user manual in French, Italian and German and one manual in English.

* Swiss Army service records, maintained up to Swiss government sale of vehicle which document all mileage until sold by the Swiss govt. in 1999. 110 miles accumulated between 1999 and when I purchased it in August 2011. I am the first civilian owner after the Swiss government aside from the importer who I bought it from.

* Original Swiss tool-kit, axe, shovel (mounted above left rear tires), cross-bar tire wrench, ice-scraper, hand-broom, water bucket, rope, tow-cable, wheel-chock, fan-belt (Semperit, Swiss issue), jerry-can & other accessories.

* New clear vinyl windows on rear top (2012).

* Custom fabricated rear door latch for the rapier barn doors to keep them closed tight.

* Custom front door-top holders installed inside bed behind cab so that you can drive without the door-tops on, but still have them in case it rains.

* Custom water cooler jug bracket in cab with steel Stanley jug, painted Swiss Army Green.

* More desirable split two-piece rear top.

* Extra set of ignition and battery keys, two sets total.

* Like new Swiss laminated glass windshield, Swiss Army installed (a Swiss military upgrade from the tempered glass windshields).

* All glass perfect with no chips or cracks.

* New Swiss Army mirror heads. Also includes one set of old, used Swiss mirror heads and one new set of Austrian style Pinz mirror heads that require Austrian arms to mount.

* Red rear tail-lights, European made, incandescent “cheeseburger” style, (military issue on Norwegian military G-wagens). The original Swiss tail-lights work fine, but have yellow brake lights which makes them dangerous for driving on American roads.

* 24 volt electric windshield washer pump, new in box, for Caterpillar road-grader, not installed, includes an original Swiss military pull-switch to wire it in.

* Custom extended rear door canvas that seals dust and water out from the rear barn doors.

* Amphenol connector plug to use 24v power outlet behind passenger seat so you won’t need to cut any wiring in order to use the socket.

* Swiss military corded clip-on work-light for dash accessory socket.

The original manually operated windshield washer pump was non-working and removed but will be included (comes with 24v electric replacement).

All original parts which were replaced with better ones are included, such as original Swiss tail-lights, good but old Swiss mirror heads, cab divider vinyl panel, cab divider metal cage for behind driver, original Swiss tax/emissions/inspection plate.

Both batteries are brand new as of 15 May 2019, group 27 size lead acid.

You will not find another Swiss Pinzgauer 712 with such low miles and in such original, unmolested condition at any price; this is the last of them!

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