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VIDEO: Can’t get enough vintage drags!

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When is too much, too much? When it comes to vintage drag racing 8mm filmstrips, we say, “NEVER.” It’s never too much. Sure, the weird soundtracks that are usually put to them when they’re transferred to video are about as good as most of the names given to custom and hot rod shops in the U.S., but we’re not here to harp on that.

No, we’re here to totally geek on this old film of the long-gone and never-forgotten East Coast powerhouse, York US30 Dragway. Like others of its era, it was (and still is) an active airstrip. Ran 4-wide at the peak of its popularity and we’ve always heard it was really something to see. What’s also great about this sequence is the random bits of juicy crowd footage included. Gives you a sense of what folks wore, looked like and probably sounded like back then. Sometimes, it’s better to just turn the volume down and enjoy this stuff at work. Really…what else are you doing today?

So, dig on it. And let us know what you think – and your own memories of York US30!