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Raisin’ the bars

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Every once in awhile, we come across an old snapshot that gives us pause. Makes us stop everything else and just stare. Put down the other three screens and really concentrate on all the wee details. This is such a photo. Really, what the hey-now is going on with this thing? Gas class drag truck? Off-road wheeler? Car show parking lot roamer? High school ladykiller? Van-in trucker? Hard to tell. Maybe a little of all-the-above? Those Wide Bosses certainly denote some wheelin’ in this thing’s life, after that custom paint dried, but maybe that was just to get back the owner’s lane to the house.

One thing’s for certain: we’d drive it. Like, as often as possible. Show up to one of those overlander weekends and break a few hearts. But that rollbar? Ummm, not a faux-pas those aluminum slots can’t correct. But look, we’re not here to sweat those details. This is the kind of custom truck that needs to be taken in as a sum of its parts. And then thoroughly respected…