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WATCH THIS: the real-world Stranger Things

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What’s more awesome than an early Fox-body Mustang? An early Fox-body Mercury Capri, of course! And to celebrate the auction we’re hosting of one very cool and very red-pleathered, t-topped, low-mile ’82 Capri RS, we thought we’d give you either a reminder or a lesson (depending on your own vintage) on early-80s video technology. And hair. And eyewear. And on-camera talent. And sweater-vests.

What Netflix hits like “Stranger Things” did for brands like Mongoose, Dungeons & Dragons, Kinney and Toughskins, early Motorweek reruns on YouTube do for the real-world swagger of the Capri RS. Yeah, these things ran the venerable V8 that Vanilla Ice would immortalize at the other end of the decade, but let’s face it: they’re 30 year-old toys in the shadow of their modern-day brethren. But look, that’s OK: we’d take a low-mile, t-topped, 4-lugged Capri RS over a new Mustang any day. After all, it takes real intestinal fortitude and a wild imagination to drive one of these every day. Which we’d gladly do.