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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 MG MGA vintage race car

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From the seller’s description:

For Sale: 1960 MGA vintage racer. Fresh engine (1600, 3 main bearing); T-9 5-speed transmission; new dual braking system; ATR fuel cell;All new running gear; three sets of tires and wheels. Vintage Race Group spec/log book FPv. Ready for tech inspectIon. This car is virtually new any place you look. $35,000.00 -the new engine cost more than that. Lots of spares.

I have a photographic record of the work done on the car over the last four years. It is offered as a properly documented FPv race car and with very few changes (i.e.,wheels and tires and carb set up) can fit into most organizations classification specs. All these parts go with the car (as also do a ton of odds and ends). Basics: started as a 1960 MGA 1600 LHD roadster (red/black, factory wires); car was completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal. There was ND found to either body or frame and no rot. A full race MGB engine was built and installed. T9 five speed gearbox, all new running gear as well as all technical inspection items such a ATL fuel cell, overflow fluid cans, roll bar, seats and harness, adequate mirrors, etc, etc. After two seasons with the B engine and arguing about technical aspects of power plant, I acquired a 1959 3 main bearing block and built a 1600 track engine: billet crank, forged Venolia pistons, Carillo rods, roller rockers, aluminum head and radiator, HP oil pump hi profile cam, petronix ignition. All shop records are available as is a photographic record. Car includes three sets of wheels and tires (center lock mags with Hoosier dry tires; 72 spoke Dayton wires with Hoosier rain tires and 60 spoke wires with Michelin Xs for MG Vintage racer events; Currently running a 45 DCOE Weber but included are a pair of new inch and 3/4 SUs should they be preferred or required. I also have a purpose built enclosed trailer with compressor/generator/tool carrier and swing down tire rack which is not included with the car but is available for additional price.

1960 MG MGA 1960 MG MGA 1960 MG MGA 1960 MG MGA

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Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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