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Auction Alert: Second batch of bidding closes today

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After weeks of anticipation, Hemmings Auctions is up and running, with our first batch of auctions already completed on Monday. The next group is scheduled to reach final bidding later today, with an eclectic mix of machinery to appeal to varying tastes.

1965 Ford F100

1965 Ford F100 pickup

The first on the list is a 1965 Ford F-100 pickup. This truck is like a slice of Americana that you can actually drive, the sort of machine that was once ubiquitous on the roads of rural areas as a farm implement and in towns and cities with lettered doors working the trades. The inline six and three-on-the-three transmission are as elemental as you could get in those days, and offer a refreshingly simple powertrain that can still be serviced through the local auto parts emporium. Light blue paint and white grille, bumpers, and wheels are period perfect, and reminders that not all trucks were festooned with chrome back in the day. Though this truck remains in its stock configuration, the seller reports that quite a lot of work has been done to it both mechanically and cosmetically. It benefits from upgrades to an electronic ignition conversion and a stainless-steel exhaust system.


1987 BMW M6

Next in order of closing time is the 1987 BMW M6. When it was new, the M6 was the flagship of BMW’s lineup, during a time when the carmaker was fast becoming the darling of the motoring press and enthusiasts alike. During the two model years that BMW imported the M6 to the U.S., only 1,767 examples were sold, making them rare even when new. The 3.5-liter dual-overhead cam six was exotic during a time when most manufacturers were still treading lightly around federal emissions regulations and showed how serious BMW was about performance.

This example is stunning in black with ivory interior and is stock down to its original BBS wheels and special Michelin TRX tires, which were said to have been replaced in 2017. The car has traveled fewer than 100,000 miles from new, and its previous owners report having lavished the car with care and maintenance. The early M-series models from BMW were very special and low-production cars and viewed by many enthusiasts as future collectibles.


1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible

Rounding out today’s auctions is a listing for a “Tri-Five” Chevy, a cornerstone of automotive enthusiasm in the U.S. for decades. This example is a ‘56 model that ticks all the right boxes: It’s a Bel Air, it’s a convertible, and its not only a V-8, but the optional “Super Turbo-Fire” high-output version of the small-block. This one also has the Powerglide automatic and a hydraulically activated power top. It’s super sharp in Matador Red with India Ivory two-tone. Though this car is said to be an excellent driver, it was restored to be correct, and looks excellent even underneath. The seller reports, in detail, having done lots of work to the car, all with an eye towards correctness.