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WATCH THIS: Thunder Alley

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OK – full disclosure, here: we may have tested your patience last week with a truly terrible movie. But look, there’s some beauty in a bad movie. If you can suspend reality for an hour or so and let yourself get wrapped up in all the spectacularly terrible acting, directing and photography, it can allow you to appreciate a great work of art all the more. Not unlike cars, actually.

So, this week, we bring you a make-up movie: “Thunder Alley.” This isn’t a bad movie, but it’s a campy one. Light-hearted fluff. In 1967, it would’ve been a great ‘date movie,’ you dig? It’s got Annette Funicello and Fabian in it, so there’s that. But it’s also got race cars in it. And stunt cars. And Barris Kustoms. And George Barris’ Thunder Charger. And turtlenecks under coveralls, unironically.

So, yeah. Maybe we did bring you another bad movie, but it’s worth an hour and a half of your time. If for no other reason than Annette delivering her line with so much damn conviction, “You have to buy a new engine!” As she pulls her helmet off over a perfectly head-banded coif. Hollywood, man. How do they do it?