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Hemmings Auctions: Meet the Team Charlotte Edition

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Hemmings Motor News has been the authoritative marketplace for buying and selling classic cars for 65 years. For the majority of that time, Hemmings has made a home in Bennington, Vermont, which is where the bulk of our operations take place. For the past 17 years, Hemmings has also been part of American City Business Journals, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. A handful of us work down here in the Queen City, including some important people involved in the Hemmings Auctions operations. Just as we shared a little bit about the folks in Bennington, we wanted to let you know who else is involved and what we’re doing to make sure Hemmings Auctions becomes the go-to place on the internet for selling, bidding, and buying collector cars.

James Wyler, Auctions Director

A trained engineer, a big fan of track days, and with bona fide motorsports experience under his belt along with digital product development and strategy, James serves as the Auctions Director for Hemmings Auctions. Enthusiastically, he says, “My focus is ensuring the auctions deliver the same great experience that Hemmings has always delivered and we’ve got happy buyers and sellers. I’m hoping to see our current readers embrace the auctions as well as expand to new audiences!” When asked about his dream car, the answer comes quick for this racing fan: “Most of my favorite cars are homologation specials and for some reason I gravitate towards Marcello Gandini’s designs so the Lancia Stratos is easily my dream car. I’ll take it in lime green with the Group IV flares for full rally effect!”

Andrew Todd, Director of Engineering

Leading the talented group of developers that build and support all Hemmings Motors News digital operations—including Hemmings Auctions—is Andrew Todd, our Director of Engineering. “The launch of Hemmings Auctions is the finish line for months of hard work from the Hemmings digital team,” says Andrew. “Through research and user testing, we feel we are providing the best possible vehicle auction experience out there.” Speaking of vehicles, Andrew’s dream car is one of the absolute pinnacles of automotive engineering, the mighty McLaren F1.

Jessie Hill, Social Media Manager

As the Social Media Manager for Hemmings Motor News, Jessie will make sure the Hemmings Auctions inventory gets out on our social media channels, helping to bring more and more eyeballs to the auction site itself. Although relatively new to the company, Jessie has been actively engaging with the vast legions of Hemmings Nation via the likes of Instagram and Facebook. “I’m excited to see the community that builds around Hemmings Auctions through discussion of our great inventory,” she says. When it comes to choosing a dream car, Jessie likes a little bit of the new and a little bit of the old, as she would love to have a classic VW Beetle with an electric drivetrain conversion and modern safety features.

David Richied, Web Developer

Getting the look, feel, and—most importantly—the function of Hemmings Auctions in tip-top shape is no mean feat. David works as one of our web developers for Hemmings Motor News and the Auctions site, adding new features as needed and maintaining those already installed components. He says he is “looking forward to and hoping to see bidders and users thoroughly enjoy the functionality of the auctions website.” When David’s ship comes in, he plans on driving away from it in a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Spider, hopefully not in the lime green hue of Wyler’s dream Lancia.

Brian Chisholm, Front End Developer

Another member of our talented web team, Brian describes his job as follows: “As a front-end developer, I work on creating client-side interactions with our web application. Providing and developing the perfect user interface for people to buy and sell on our auctions platform. I look forward to seeing the thrill of the chase with our bidding section of the auctions platform. Nothing compares to the thrill of the rush when it comes to cars in any aspect.” Speaking of the thrill of the rush and as a fan of the model since he was a kid, Brian can picture himself behind the wheel of a final edition 2017 Dodge Viper in all of its 645hp, all-American glory. And if that doesn’t work out, he has no qualms about the big change at Corvette, his eyes watering at the idea of the mid-engined 2020 Stingray C8.

Adam Whitten, User Experience Designer

Adam is responsible for the look and feel of the Hemmings digital experience, including the Hemmings Marketplace, Hemmings Daily, and now Hemmings Auctions. More than just the look and feel, Adam also creates “the flow and how it functions.” He also says, “My job is to design from a real life users perspective, ensuring our users have the best possible experience visiting Hemmings.” Adam admits that he’s “super excited” to see all of his hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes for months now finally coming to fruition. Better yet, he says, “I’m even more excited to see all the awesome vehicles that will come through.” And what one vehicle would he want to see come through that he might actually throw down his hard earned cash on? How about a 1982 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 416 Doka converted to “an unstoppable overlanding vehicle/camper.”

Jonathan Shaw, Head of Product

Jonathan manages Hemmings’s Charlotte employees as well as 40-plus engineers, developers, designers, and product owners for American City Business Journals. He’s in the right space because, as he says, “I love to build digital businesses, strategies and teams that help revolutionize traditional media companies.” And, if anything, Hemmings Auctions will revolutionize Hemmings Motor News. He might be revolutionizing the company, but he still understands where Hemmings comes from. “Hemmings has empowered car enthusiasts and the car-collecting hobby since 1954,” Jonathan says. “Our auction is a modern brand extension aimed at doing just that. I can’t wait to watch the thrill of the chase as bidders compete against each other for the incredible inventory we have amassed. Make no mistake, this is also a critical move for the future of our business, but, so far, the response has been incredible and I hope that continues to flourish.” As far as his dream car goes, Jonathan’s dream might be better described as a garage with different cars for almost every day of the week, from a 1957 Ford Thunderbird with an F-code engine for the start of the week, a navy-over-burgundy 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (like his parents used to drive) for later in the week, followed by a Friday drive in a ’68 Triumph TR250 with a Surrey Top, the lifted Shelby Mustang from the Nineties remake of the Thomas Crown Affair for Saturday, and a built ’74 Ford Bronco for Sunday.

Terry Shea, Auctions Editor

And then there’s me, a reader of Hemmings Motor News since 1982, a contributor to the magazines since 2008, and an editor since 2011. As the newly minted Auctions Editor, my job is to set the tone and style for the listings, to edit the contributions from the writing team we have assembled, and to share these updates with you, giving you a behind the scenes look as we embark on this new and exciting chapter at Hemmings. I’m also very much a part of the team evaluating submissions, watching a wide variety of cool cars that will ultimately end up as listings on Hemmings Auctions. I also want to hear your stories about cars you’ve won at our auctions and what you’ve done with them, even if that’s still down the road just a bit.

I had asked my colleagues to share their dream cars with you, so I’ll share mine too. I already own one of my dream cars, a 2002 BMW M coupe that I bought new. But because I am an advocate of dreaming big, I am just going to throw this one out there as my cost-no-object dream car: Bugatti Type 41 Royale—”the car of kings that no king ever owned”—with the Esders Coupe bodywork: no roof, no headlamps, just that massively long hood to look out over as I drive. As I’ve always said, if you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream big.

And that’s what we hope Hemmings Auctions is all about—people finding their dream cars and driving off into the sunset with them. Because dream cars come in all shapes and sizes, watch Hemmings Auctions, which we promise to offer a diversity of cars, to see if your dream car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV is crossing the block and get in on the action.

The pursuit is on!