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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom

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Driveable dream 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom for sale on From the seller’s description:

This incredibly rare 1952 Nash Ambassador Custom two-door sedan is a documented four-owner, 24,000 mile original car, and has its original paint, chrome, stainless, glass, interior and powertrain.

I refer to it as my vintage Lexus. It’s tight, comfortable, squeak- and rattle-free with near perfect reliability. The doors click shut; the windows open/close smoothly. Turn the key, bump the starter and the car starts right up: always, always, always. Hot or cold. No vapor lock (I think the side-mount carb helps). The overhead valve Ambassador six-cylinder purrs under the hood.

Put it into gear to pull away and the GM HydraMatic shifts just as designed – smooooth (up and down) – through all four gears. Steering is easy, light and tight. The brakes are firm and excellent. Everything works – all lights, gauges, switches, accessories; use the wipers, turn on the radio, check the clock. Nash’s excellent WeatherEye system works perfectly. I know what you’re thinking about the enclosed wheels in the front – but turning radius is like any other car of the period and yes, changing a tire is no problem. The unibody absorbs any bumps without noise or complaint.

Need to relax? Both halves of the front seat recline to different settings, or lay flat in the Nash tradition. Note there’s not a snag, tear, spot or cut anywhere on the original upholstery, which was unique to the Custom models. Even the original hogshair carpet still looks great. Everywhere you look – behind the dash, around the car or under it – the car wears its age as if it were only a few years old.

Sold new for $3,322.65 in Greeley, Colorado, this Ambassador Custom was parked around 1960 and still has its ’60 CO plates and period inspection sticker. Based on registration records, the car traveled less than 1,000 miles during the next 55 years.

I drive my cars regularly, because I think that’s best for them, so in preparation I went through this car thoroughly during the first three months I owned it. I removed (and retained) the original fan belt with its Nash logo and replaced all hoses. The brake system was completely rebuilt, as was the carburetor, fuel pump, generator and water pump. The cooling system was flushed, and fuel tank and radiator were removed and cleaned. Ignition parts were replaced. Anything that didn’t work was repaired. I added the seat belts, but resisted the urge to paint anything under the hood.

The Nash has rewarded me with exceptional reliability and enjoyment. I drive it nearly every week and have put almost 4,000 miles on the car over the years using it like any modern car, plus participating in parades and events, or taking road trips – it’s a great highway car. Parts are affordable and for the most part not hard to find. The car comes with its original sales invoice and various records accumulated over the years.

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