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Lost and Found overflow – a little bit customized

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Not to admonish anybody, but every now and then we receive an otherwise great submission for the Lost and Found department in Hemmings Classic Car that we can’t use because the images are unprintable, either due to quality (home printers generally are inadequate at printing publication-worthy photos), poor composition (show the whole vehicle, please), or size.

The quartet of photos that Rudy Dracka sent us a while ago fall into the latter category, at just 320 pixels wide each. That said, we found the car in the photos intriguing enough that we decided they needed to run here regardless. All Rudy had for us for clues was a date and place – 1957, Lawrence, Kansas – so we’re left trying to figure out just what parts went into this custom.

First off, that’s a 1940 La Salle Series 50 convertible sedan we’re looking at, fitted with a 1950 Nash Ambassador front end blended into the La Salle’s fenders. Likely homemade fins added to the rear fenders, and if the continental kit came from anywhere but J.C. Whitney, we’d be surprised.

So it’s distinctive enough, but not distinctive that it rings any bells for us. Anybody happen to know the story on this car, who slapped it together, and what happened to it?

As for Lost and Found submissions, the bigger you can make the images, the better. If you’re unsure about how large to scan your images, snail mail them our way and we can send them back to you once we’ve scanned them. Thanks!