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Hemmings Auctions: How it works

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Since announcing Hemmings Auctions, the reaction from Hemmings Nation has been tremendous. We’re dedicated to making this the best platform for buying and selling enthusiast vehicles, and we appreciate the feedback you’ve provided so far. This has generated a fair number of questions, so we wanted to share how the process will work for a seller.

Here’s what you need to know to submit your vehicle for consideration on Hemmings Auctions.

Before you even begin your submission, make sure your vehicle is ready to go. At this point, we’re looking for auction-ready cars—and truck, SUVs, and motorcycles, too—for real-world enthusiasts and collectors who enjoy taking their machines out on the road. So, if you have a no-excuses, ready-to-roll specialty vehicle, the kind that can start conversations and attract bidders, Hemmings Auctions is the place for you.

There is no charge to submit a vehicle for consideration, but all submissions are done online. You must be registered at Hemmings Auctions before you are permitted to submit a vehicle, so take care of that process first by clicking here. When our auctions submissions go live, we’ll let you know how to get there. On the submissions page, we will ask for some basic information: your name and contact info, year, make, model, a short description and some photos.

Once you’ve submitted your vehicle, our Hemmings Auctions team will review it to see if it complements our current inventory and if it’s the sort of car, truck, or cycle that will generate enough buzz to call bidders’ attention. One of our real, live Listing Specialists at our office in Vermont will call you to let you know our selection decision.

If we select your car, we will interview you in more detail regarding the car, its condition and its history. In the interest of honesty and transparency, we ask that you share any and all known flaws. We know there are plenty interesting collector cars out there that people want to drive, not necessarily show. If we choose your car, a Listing Specialist will work with you to set an appropriate reserve–or you can choose to go with a no-reserve listing, which usually adds another element of interest to an auction and can encourage additional bidding. You will only be charged the $99.95 no-risk listing fee once your car is accepted and you have agreed on a reserve with one of our auction team. Why do we call it a “no-risk listing fee?” Because if the vehicle fails to meet the reserve, we can readily convert it to a Hemmings Marketplace ad at no additional charge.

After gathering that information, we then assign the vehicle to one of our expert writers who will create the listing, which you will need to approve. We will need extensive, informative photography to produce the listing as well. Good photography doesn’t guarantee a sale, but without it, most bidders won’t even bother to read the detail on a listing.

Once the listing is created, we schedule the auction, which will begin on a weekday and conclude seven days later. While bidding is live, everyone who visits the auction listing can see the latest bid and how much time is left in the auction. As the clock runs down, any bids made in the last five minutes of the auction will extend the time an additional two minutes. This gives interested bidders a fair chance to enter competitive final bids and prevents last-second “sniping.”

You will need to pay attention to your auction as bidders will likely have questions. We have a space dedicated on each auction for questions and answers about each lot. There will also be a comments section for everyone to share their feelings on the listing: bidders, sellers, and spectators alike. We’ll do our best to keep the comment section constructive and cordial.

If an auction reaches reserve and concludes with a sale, the Hemmings Auctions commission fees will be paid by the buyer from the credit card on file. The seller pays no fees beyond the initial listing fee. We will then put the buyer and seller in contact with each other to work out the details of the transaction and vehicle delivery. But that doesn’t end the personal touch of Hemmings Auctions. We will stick around to do our best to make sure the winning bidder and seller are satisfied. And we can also offer the services of some our partners in the transportation, insurance, and finance parts of the hobby.

Look for the the first Hemmings Auctions to go live in early August!

The pursuit is on!