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Lost and Found overflow – Miami Oldsmobile dealership

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We get the sense (Scotty G., feel free to correct us) that architectural models don’t end up as collectible as, say, the automobilia we’re more familiar with. After all, the models pertain to just one building, one location, and no matter how public that location may be, most times it’s still not as deeply personal as an automobile. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t as intriguing, as we see in this recent Lost and Found submission.

What’s obvious about this model that Ted O’Dell of the Hackett Auto Museum recently came across is that it proposed an Oldsmobile dealership on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. A rather large and well equipped dealership at that.

What’s not so obvious is who put together the model, whether they put it together as a spec design or for an individual dealership, and whether the dealership was built as proposed. Or how this survived through the years.

That said, even if it never made it past the proposal stage, it’s still something wonderful to look at.

(Thanks, JoePep, for sending this along.)