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VIDEO: Unser on a hilltop!

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When we stumbled across the survivor Starsky & Hutch Torino in the Hemmings online marketplace this week, we got to thinking more about the love/hate relationship we have with the nameplate. On one hand, we absolutely love the spirit and image of the 1st-gen Torino: the sedan, coupe, fastback, convertible…heck, even the Ranchero based on the body style just, y’know, worked, man. Even as the late Sixties saw car design go from a physical contraction in the early to mid-part of that decade, things were starting to get big again. But then, we weren’t huge fans of what became of some of our favorites by the time the Seventies got into full, fur-lined, poly-blend swing. Dare we even say, “bloated,” by the height of the Oil Embargo.

So, we really appreciate what our old pal and confidante, Kevin Oeste, put together for us with the one and only Bobby Unser during a MCACN event: an ode to the Unser ’69 Torino hillclimber! Pour yourself a 64oz. Orange Crush, open a fresh box of Cracker Jack, sit back and enjoy this great conversation between Oeste and Unser, complete with vintage footage. You’ll be more valuable for the experience…