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Hemmings prepares to launch all-new online auction experience

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For generations, Hemmings has been the go-to source when buying or selling vintage and specialty vehicles and parts. Hemmings also played a central role in the creation of the classic car hobby and industry when it launched its legendary directory, connecting professionals and hobbyists to the products and services supporting it, earning the tagline, “The Bible of the Old Car Hobby.” Magazines written for the serious enthusiast followed, as did events, all crafted by dedicated car people to appeal to like-minded fanatics. Now, Hemmings is preparing to take the next step in continuing to grow and expand the world’s original specialty car marketplace.

In April, we announced our plans to launch an all-new online auction site, and now, as we prepare to debut our latest venture, we want to share more specifics on what we feel will be the ideal complement to the car buying and selling services Hemmings has been providing for years.

Hemmings Auctions will exist entirely online, providing a new way to sell or shop for a specialty vehicle. We are creating a forum that combines carefully selected specialty vehicle listings with legitimate sellers and buyers, all supported by a level of interactive customer service that will far exceed the typical online experience.

Hemmings Motor News has been the go-to source for classic and specialty cars and parts since 1954. Now we’re preparing to take the next step in providing the ultimate marketplace for collector cars.

First, the vehicles to be auctioned will be selectively chosen by our experts, using standards for vehicle appeal and quality to maintain consistency among our listings and prevent a barrage of “used car” offerings. The listings will be formatted to provide uniform data on each vehicle, accompanied by a broad array of photography that will also be formatted and held to a standard; the option of adding walk-around-style video clips will be offered as well.

Browsing Hemmings Auctions will be simple and informative, and potential bidders will be able to contact sellers with questions. Bidders will be automatically informed when holding the high bid, after being outbid, and of course, when an auction has been won.

Registration is required to participate in selling or bidding on Hemmings Auctions, one of the measures being employed to help ensure that the people listing cars for sale, and those bidding on them, aren’t tire-kickers or scammers. Listings will come from individuals as well as from Hemmings’ established network of trusted classic car dealers.

We’re drawing on more than 60 years in the classic car world and a recognized track record for excellent customer service to make Hemmings Auctions a premium online experience.

The option of setting a reserve will be available for auction listings, but the amount of the reserve will be determined by both the seller and Hemmings’ listing experts. This “coaching” from our listing specialists should help sellers to set pricing for maximum value while avoiding unrealistically high reserves, which deter completed sales. Sellers will also get to work with our listing editors to create auction postings that present their vehicles as clearly and completely as possible.

The fees associated with listing a vehicle on Hemmings Auctions will be structured in a straightforward, transparent format with competitive pricing and no hidden fees. Plus, if an auction listing does not meet reserve by its completion, Hemmings will automatically convert that listing to a classified advertisement that will run for six months at no additional charge. This yields a virtual no-risk situation for sellers.

Buyers will benefit as well, earning a free one-year digital subscription to select online content. All registered bidders will also receive a free daily email from Hemmings Auctions to keep abreast of the latest auction listings and related updates.

Overall, Hemmings Auctions has been developed to merge our hallmark customer service and support with a new means of connecting sellers and buyers more effectively than ever. So get ready Hemmings Nation—we’re almost set to push the launch button on our brand-new auction experience.

The first 500 people to register will receive a limited-edition Hemmings Auctions shop shirt. We won’t be making any more of these, so if you want one, register today at!