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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1991 GMC Typhoon prototype

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Documented 1991 GMC Typhoon prototype for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is a 1991 GMC Typhoon Prototype, 1 of only a few built by PAS (Production Automotive Services) who was contracted by GM for the development and production of the GMC Syclones and Typhoons. Production years for the Typhoon were 1992 and 1993 with a total volume of 4,697 combined over the two model years. The Typhoon is often credited with starting the high performance SUV market that is prevalent today, hence making this one of the very first high performance SUVs in existence. This particular Typhoon is very rare and a piece of automotive history.

This truck was used by PAS for emissions development and body cladding fitment. The current owner purchased the truck from the son of the original owner who purchased it directly from PAS. When the truck was purchased from PAS, it did not have any cladding and the paint was all scratched up from the multiple cladding fitment trials. The truck was originally black and repainted at some point in the mid ‘90s and fitted with OE cladding shortly after.

Documentation includes a letter from PAS confirming this truck as one of their prototypes and a TRC safety card used for coast-down testing at the Ohio Transportation Research Center. The dyno test pipe on the exhaust is also still in place. The front propshaft is not installed on the truck (presumably because some development work was conducted on a single axle dyno).

The truck has several unique features that distinguishes it from production models. PAS used several components from a Syclone to build this prototype (the Syclone was in production for the 1991 model year only):

– Syclone seats (production trucks had a different seat and was covered in leather)
– Syclone steering wheel (production trucks had a different 4-spoke steering wheel)
– Rare Syclone embroidered floor mats (created for the 92 Syclone that didn’t go into production)
– Red GMC in wheel center caps (production trucks had grey lettering)
– Cloth rear seats and door panels (production trucks had leather rear seats and door panels)
– Sliding rear windows (production trucks have single piece fixed rear windows)
– T-4 markings on the rear view mirror and inside gas filler door (identification as Typhoon Prototype #4)
– ECM is in the glove box

This Typhoon was converted from a GMC Jimmy, evident by the 4×4 hood blanket and GVWR sticker in the door jam. It has a rebuilt title which is consistent with other Typhoon prototypes according to As is the case with most OE manufacturers, vehicles used for development purposes are typically branded with salvage titles and sent to the crusher. Luckily this truck managed to escape that fate. The rebuilt salvage title status is a result of it’s development history – there is no evidence of prior damage.

The ovall condition is very good. Interior is excellent and consistent with it’s low mileage. The truck is solid throughout with only minor surface corrosion on some of the chassis components. Paint is also very good with a beautiful shine but some imperfections as expected with 20+ year old paint. It drive straight and runs great with no mechanical issues. New tires, new headliner, new starter, recent engine oil, trans, differential fluid changes.

Extras included in the sale: original tires, new set of rear wheels and tires that were never mounted on a vehicle (left over stock from PAS), 1992 owners manual, 1993 owners kit in its original wrapping, customer fit car cover.

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Bruce Twp, Michigan
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