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VIDEO: Is the latest Ford v. Ferrari flick the last word?

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As an active citizen of Hemmings Nation, you, no doubt, are well-versed in the fabled history between Ford and Ferrari in the Sixties. You’ve heard it all before. You know the story by heart. You can recite Carroll Shelby’s very words, regarding the GT40. You know how to properly say “Le Mans,” but you don’t. You’re either a Ford guy or a Ferrari guy, much like you’re either an Elvis man or a Beatles man. You’ve got an opinion and there’s no way some Hollywood flim-flam man is gonna change it. No, sir.

But, here’s the latest work of film on that very topic: very simply titled, “Ford v Ferrari.” You probably have the coffee table books, you might have all the old magazines, you’ve certainly seen the online video documentaries. But we’ll say this: when Hollywood does finally get its hands on a story like this one, it’ll throw some serious money at it. And you’ll suffer through more conversations than you want to, with friends and neighbors who’ve never heard the story and are completely stoked on it as they discover it for the first time. Well, who wouldn’t be excited, right? Can’t blame them, really. Just try to be understanding and answer all their questions, as their “car guy buddy.” You’ve trained for years for this moment, so get some rest, because “Ford v Ferrari” is coming this Fall.

In the meantime, here’s the movie trailer. Let’s hear what you think and we don’t have to remind you to let ‘er rip: you’re gonna need to brush-up on your car guy skills and draw from that deep vault of data and amusing anecdotal information as the film’s debut draws nigh. Damon? Bale? DISCUSS!