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You’re all going to humor my inclination to post photochopped cars again

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Why? Because my brain parasite from Alpha Centauri demands it, and we don’t want to anger Brzzyxxyx. We all remember what happened last time Brzzyxxyx got angry. We all serve Brzzyxxyx.

So let’s check in on Andy Prieboy first, because Andy’s always got the goods. Indeed, we see a suggestion of what might have been had Preston Tucker given French coachbuilding firms like Saoutchik a whack at the Tucker 48.

With dual wheels front and rear, the Futurliner just didn’t have enough rubber on the road, so IV Tiempos shared this concept of a 20-wheeler Fuuuutuuuuurliiiiiiiner on the Futurliner Facebook group.

Speaking of FB group shares, Bob Alspach posted this slammed and chopped version of a Brooks Stevens delivery van on the Motorology group.

James Laga‘s Krypton XM-777 blends Thunderbird and Mustang and… Brzzyxxyx desires you puny humans to build this one in real life…

*Ahem* Speaking of intercorporate roofline exchanges, the Wheels Are Everything guy put a Plymouth roof on a 1955 Imperial and… Brzzyxxyx has changed his mind… now puny humans must build this one… Brzzyxxyx demands it…

Modena West‘s take on the Oldsmobile Toronado XP-866 Prototype has… Brzzyxxyx want this… Brzzyxxyx cannot live without this… Begin work immediately on this… Brzzyxxyx cannot wait… Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx…

*Ahem* As I was saying… Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx love love love… Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx needs only this… Ignore sustenance until this is delivered to me… Reminds Brzzyxxyx of his youth, mudding through the Andromeda Swamps without a care in the world, his best girl at his side, the screeches of the Pflugterian owls wafting our way on the breeze, cool beverages in the hyperchiller… Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx Brzzyxxyx…

Okay, people, you have your orders.