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WATCH THIS: when elephants and rats and ponies roamed the earth

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It’s no secret that we’re losing dragstrips all across this great land. Why is that? Land values increasing? Housing developments being allowed to go up near tracks? People less interested in drag racing? Kids not getting driver’s licenses at 16? Smartphones? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything. Maybe it’s our own fault. Maybe it’s just the natural progression of things. What we do know is that there’s still great evidence of the real glory days of backyard-built race cars and the racing of said cars (thank you, YouTube).

And here’s one more! The soundtrack doesn’t line up with the era of this video, but let’s not let that get in the way of all the righteous goodness of what you’re about to see here. The St. Louis scene does not disappoint and we’d love to know if any of these cars are still running around. Let ‘er rip!