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WATCH THIS: A day in the life of a legend

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If you’re here, we don’t have to convince you that the first-gen Funny Car era was one of the coolest, if not craziest, in drag racing history. Social media is chock-full of great old photos and some old filmstrips, but what was it really like to come of age, wheeling an erratic, woolly early Funny across the tracks of America in the late Sixties?

Since we posted a great shot of Dale Pulde’s Camaro flopper, we thought we’d continue that theme and bring you a great 40-minute video of Dale’s rise to War Eagle Funny Car fame. The good news is that there’s not only some amazing footage and old photos in this thing, but that it’s broken into chapters, so if you don’t have the time to sit through all of it at once, you can pause it and come back. One thing’s for sure, though: it’s worth every minute.

While we’re quite sure Dale is leaving out some of the juiciest stuff (we’ll say it again: these guys were gladiators, man), the anecdotes he does share are very, very cool. So, grab yourself a Hot Pocket and a Diet Sprite, and settle in with the glow of your screen for this one.