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VIDEO: Watch this AMX get Breedloved

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This week, we’re all fixated on AMC muscle. They’re some of the most oft-overlooked cars of those glorious early muscle years, and we wholly dig it. And, so did land-speed racer Craig Breedlove, apparently. In this pretty amazing mini-documentary, Breedlove takes one of these brand-new red-white-and-blue monsters to Texas and goes on an endurance run. Pretty cool in and of itself, but he loses his headlights somewhere in the middle of the night, goes through countless sets of tires, and is essentially a back-up driver to his accomplished driver and wife, Lee, on this adventure. Very, very cool.

We first met Breedlove at his shop in Northern California while he had legendary dragster chassis builder Pete Ogden working on one of his LSR cars. Pete was pretty old at the time and not as nimble as he once was, so Craig had fashioned a day bed out of blankets and sleeping bags in the nose of the race car, helped Pete crawl his way to the area that needed his attention, get comfortable with his tools and welder, then made sure he had meals and refreshments supplied to him while he welded and fabricated the necessary chassis and frame parts. Pete didn’t leave the nose of that car for an entire day. And Craig never left his side. That’s the kind of guy Craig Breedlove is.

Anyway, we thought you might appreciate that anecdote as you watch this old film. “Them were the days,” as they say…