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WATCH THIS: stretch your boundaries and your wish-wallet!

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If you either poke around on YouTube enough or have a Millennial living under your roof, chances are good that you’ve at least heard of Ken Block, of the Kingdom of Hoon and the Seer of Gymkhana.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that Ken’s empire was not built on muscle cars. And you come here each week for muscle cars. But, we’ll also say here that his driving skills are so impressive and he’s built such a career on said skills, then parlayed those skills into a cult of car culture, that we’d be remiss if we didn’t take the chance to geek on him in this forum, just a bit.

Usually, Block is known for his late-model Fiesta-of-many-colored-decals, but when he first launched his ’65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, we started paying closer attention. We could dig it. But then he upped the game with the ’77 Ford F150 that Detroit Speed built for him and his Gymkhana 10, released on Netflix. This thing changed that game for us. And when we heard he had this one built because his dad used to run one when he was a kid? Well, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we may have teared-up a little.

Admittedly, the only original dentside parts may be the grille, but it’s just so cool that Detroit Speed hand-formed the body out of aluminum from custom-made bucks taken from an original truck that we can’t help but love it. And, speaking of love, that twin-turbo-ed EcoBoost V6 is the one V-6 we’d want to own, too.

Goes without saying that we’re asking you to stretch your muscle car muscle this week, but rest assured that we wouldn’t submit this for your consideration without taking all the potential flak for it, too. But, at the end of the day, that’s what this forum is all about: stretching the conversation about what it means to be a muscle car fan in 2019. And to watch some darn fine driving skills.