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WATCH THIS: the birth of Muscle?

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If you’re a regular getter and reader of the Muscle Machines weekly newsletter, you no doubt jumped in on (if not were entertained by) the discussion around the factory muscle that was heaped upon us in the Seventies and early Eighties. No shortage of opinions, there, and it’s a great discussion.

But where did it really all start? What was the Patient Zero of the Muscle Car industry? Who was behind it? What stars aligned to make something as seemingly absurd as putting gobs of power in the hands of anyone who might walk into a dealership with no proof of being able to, y’know, not crash?

If you haven’t seen the episode of History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” that formulates its own opinion on this topic, we’d like to right that wrong. This episode aired in 2002, so it’s an added bit of cool that we get to see none other than Jim Wangers and John DeLorean in living, pre-4K color. Let’s talk about it…