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Midnight Love Affair

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Yeah, we know. It’s Valentine’s Day. And while you’re social media status might be “It’s complicated,” we prefer to deal in the more pure matters of the heart: vintage muscle!

Now, if you’re anything like us, this is probably not the first time you’ve seen this photo floating around the interwebs: a tri-five Chevy Bel Air getting its four speeds rowed by one of the most intently focused kids we’ve seen in some time. Taking cues from the jeans, boots, and personalized dashboard, we’ll guess that this shot was taken sometime in the early to mid-Seventies. And it’s just very, very cool that the kid has “Sha Na Na” and its catch-phrase plastered across the glovebox door: Can’t think of a better tribute to the band that launched backtothefifties 1.0.

But who caught this iconic moment in time on film? And where did it take place? And who is that kid, anyway? And who’s got more photos of the car? And who’s your favorite member of Sha Na Na? So many questions, so few hours left of Valentine’s Day….