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Four-Links – Cuban Classics, Macungie, Duesenberg V-16, NAIAS concepts

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While pulling together information on the Plymouth that won the Autos Clasicos show in Cuba, we came across Cuban Classics, a blog that seems intent on cataloging every one of the old cars still plying the roads and streets of Cuba.

* This past week capngrog on the AACA forums pointed out that if you check out the Google Maps satellite photos of Macungie’s Memorial Park, you’ll see a massive car show.

* Duesenberg never built a V-16 road car, but the brothers did build plenty of engines for marine and aircraft use, including the V-16 that David Greenlees at The Old Motor discussed this week.

* With the North American International Auto Show in town this week, the Detroit Free Press took a look back at some of the concept cars that have debuted at the show, including the 1998 Chrysler Spyder concept above.

* Finally, another AACA digitized video, this one Devil Drivers from the late Thirties.