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WATCH: Motors in the front, Dick Dale in the back!

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In 1968, the NHRA U.S. Nationals at Indy were recorded for a documentary produced by Hollywood’s Documentary Productions Inc. Not only is the hour-plus film an amazing capture of what drag racing was like just before Don Garlits debuted a rear-engine Top Fuel car in 1971 and changed the sport forever, but it’s also the pinnacle of the muscle car-as-dragster phenomenon. By that year, we probably had more American automakers putting more factory muscle cars on the street and supporting more drag race teams than at any other point in the sport’s history.

Bold statement, right? Let’s hear it: prove us wrong! And, in the meantime, make yourself a hot beverage, kick back in the glow of your screen, and treat yourself to an hour of vintage celluloid glory…