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VIDEO: Watch the most unique donut you’ll see all day!

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When we first heard of the automotive-centric series that our cousins up the hill at Condé Nast Entertainment had sold to Netflix, we were admittedly a little skeptical. “A drag race elimination show between ‘sleepers’ and exotics? Meh…”

But then we actually watched the first episode of the first season of “Fastest Car” and were completely hooked. It was the first time we’d seen a show – a show not only based on cars, but a contest-style show, at that – that was actually GOOD. It’s a show, in the Car Talk-ian tradition, that’s “a little about cars.” It’s more of a cultural spin on cars because the real story is behind them, in the owners. And, on top of that, it’s actually produced well.

We tell you all that, to share this: a video produced by the dudes at Hoonigan, featuring one of our favorite characters from “Fastest Car:” Corey Caouette. Corey built a great little pickup: a ’27 Dodge coupe body, a ’35 Dodge bed, an ’02 Corvette LS1, lots of nitrous, and a long list of modifications. And this thing absolutely RIPS.

We were fortunate enough to be on the same Las Vegas Monorail car with Corey one night, during the SEMA Show this year, on our way to the World’s Greatest Buffet Of All Time. And, though we only had a few minutes with the kid, he was definitely our favorite underground celebrity in a week of otherwise forgettable automotive reality show celebrities.

If you haven’t seen “Fastest Car” yet, give it whirl. Hot tip: Netflix has ordered another season from CNÉ, so that’s something to look forward to. Another hot tip: The trailers and descriptions for Season 1 are misleading; it really is a much better show than its teasers let on – especially for gearheads tired of just about everything on Velocity…