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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 roadster

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From the seller’s description:

1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 Roadster, The 1958 Alken Roadster was developed by some Aerospace Engineers for the VW chassis in Venice California. Maybe 25 cars in total were made. This exact car appeared in a R&T test in November of 1958. While Alkens had several options, this one did not have rollup windows or a top. It has front opening doors (suicide doors) and a tonneau cover for the cockpit. I have extensive research on the car. It appeared in about 12 magazines in the late 50s. Through research, I have located several of the black and white photos from the original photo shoot, uncovered 4 cars, and fully documented the restoration. This Alken was used as one of two publicity cars to launch the Alken Corporation. It was fully assembled in their shop and included accessories like aluminum trim on the bumpers, and modified wiper mechanism. The body was marketed for $1500 which was very expensive. The fiberglass construction is very thick and a system of stiffening bulk heads throughout the design make for a very solid construction. One Alken was raced at Riverside California to further show off it capabilities. After the launch, the two Alken show cars were sold to Nic-L-Silver battery and were converted to electric cars in 1959. Nic-L-Silver had the idea then that battery power would help sell cars and batteries. While their program was short lived, the Alkens were stored in a warehouse for 25 years which protected them and allowed them to survive. During the restoration a 1958 Porsche was used for the driveline. The engine, transmission, brakes, drums, rims and ignition were all used to power the Alken as you see it today. All items used during the rebuild were period correct. A dash logo was created form the original brochure and 3D printed in stainless to highlight the name of the Alken. It was a replica of the Porsche Speedster dash logo. The car drives and shows well at concours events. I can provide links to the extensive work done to bring the 1958 Alken D2 back to life.

1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 roadster 1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 roadster 1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 roadster 1958 Volkswagen Alken D2 roadster

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Greentown, Pennsylvania
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