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Four-Links – Studebaker plates, Comuta, Simpsons cars, bikes

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Starting January 1, Indiana residents can purchase specialty plates to support the Studebaker Museum. The first one had better go on a South Bend product.

* In the late Sixties, Ford’s vision of an electric future took form in the Comuta, a tiny runabout that Mac’s Motor City Garage recently wrote up.

* The Simpsons has been around for 30 years now and to commemorate the occasion, TTAC rounded up some of the show’s most memorable cars — fictional or otherwise — to appear on the show. No props for Hans Moleman’s Gremlin, though.

* John Heitmann at The Automobile and American Life has been diving into the early history of the automobile in America and started with some pre-history, including the role the bicycle played in the technological and cultural origins of the car.

* Finally, Apple commissioned this short film shot entirely on an iPhone that takes a look at the dekotora scene. It’s well-trod territory, but it’s also well done.