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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1951 Crosley CD station wagon

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Reconditioned 1951 Crosley CD station wagon for sale on From the seller’s description:

Originating out of Newport, New Hampshire, having been stored in a climate controlled garage by an older gentleman, divesting of his collection of classics, following a frame off restoration approiximately 10 years prior, and not quite completed, numerous and fun hours were invested in recomissioning it after having acquired it. Recommission entailed complete new brake hydraulics inclusive of all new wheel cylinders to its 9″ brakes, new rubber fuel lines to pump and carburator,new brake master cylinder, complete brake fluid flush and bleeding, new generator belt, replacement of the engine oil ,(3 qts of semi synthetic 10/40 Castrol engine oil w ZDDP additive) transmission and differential oils, new spark plugs and wires, antifreeze flush and replacement (correct green), four new 155/80R12T radial tires, new interior door ,aft quarter panel, and rear tail gate cards with new upholstery, reupholstering of the the visors, rebuild of the Carter WO single throat carburator, (larger cfm than the earlier Tillotson carburtors) fuel tank removal and flush, new fuel and air filter, repacking of the front wheel bearings, new speedometer cable, new side vent springs, complete chassis lubrication of all the zerk fittings, new front motor mounts, and much much more. Parts were conveniently and expediently sourced through Yankee Crosley Parts out of Connecticut and

The restoration, prior to my acquistion, according the owner was a frame off restoration, inclusive of all new glass, weatherstrips, window felts, new brake shoes, new shock absorbers, king pins, brake lines, new copper fuel line, and miscellaneous hardware. The Crosley’s wiring was additionally replaced with the correct looms. Overall the Crosley is nicely done, and its Seafoam green finish is in excellent condition. All the sheet metal is excellent, with what appears to be no previous rot, rust or perforation damage or repair to speak of. The Crosley’s chrome and stainless trim are equally as nice. The right and left front windows roll nicley in their channels (Crosley incorporated window regulators in this year. Earlier models had sliding windows only in the front) and rears slide open nicely in their channels.

The Crosley’s 5 main bearing engine, encompassing 44.2 cubic inches with a “neck snapping” 28 h/p (just kidding) runs nicely with no unusual noises or smoke and starts almost immediately. The stamped engine number is 140434 with the common casting number of 209900. This is a later, more reliable CIBA (Cast Iron Block Assembly). Oil pressure runs a consistent 35-40 psi at full operating temperature at idle. Its single over head camshaft (SOHC) was quite progressive when the engine was introduced and the engine spins up nicely with a very quick throttle response. Coupled to a three speed top loader non synchromesh transmission and 5:17 ratio differential, it will attain speeds comfortably of up to 55-60 mph although some patience is required to get there. Steering and braking are surprisingly quick and responsive respectivley, the braking being complemented by 9″ drums and all new brake hydraulics.

The Crosley’s electrical components comprised of high/low beam headlamps, horn, dash lights, turn signals and tail lamps all function well. The electrical system is 6 volt positive ground, and unlike most 6 volt vehicles, the headlamps are quite bright on both settings. The speedometer needle will periodically stick, however the odometer functions consistently and accurately. Temperature, Oil pressure, and Volt meters function nicely. The fuel gauge is often intermittant probably indicating necessity of a new sending unit.

The driving experience, can be nothing less than fun, and surprisingly, at 6’4″ in height, driving position is very comfortable and roomy. The “adventure” pertains to the reality that you are situated behind the three spoke wheel of a 66 year old very light car, representing the designs and cultural influences behind the design in the decade the Crosley wagon was manufactured. Art and design actually do imitate life.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a very fun, iconic and unique car to own and drive, this Crosley Super Station wagon is a wonderful candidate. Rarely seen on today’s roads, it receives a lot of “thumbs up” and waves, and more entertaining for those who pay attention when passing in front of you, noting the propeller on the nose does freely spin while you drive, propelled only my the Crosley’s motion through the air.

I note the Crosley’s clear title lists it as a 1952, however I believe the VIN places it in the late 1951 production sequence. The 1951 and 1952 models were identical, and there were some late sales of the 1951 models, thus being registered as 1952’s.

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