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Mystery Motor

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We received these photos in an email this week, along with a request for us to help identify the palletized engine featured in them.

It looks to be a surplus engine that was possibly purchased at a government surplus auction. It has been well-stored, with oiled paper protecting any intake accesses.

It appears to be a marine engine, judging from the small output flange on the rear of the bellhousing, although it could have also been used as a stationary generator engine. There is a three-letter logo on the bellhousing above the flange that, unfortunately, does not become any clearer when the picture is enlarged.

The carburetor looks like a Carter or Rochester single-barrel under the paper covering. One of the upper belt pulleys could possibly be powering a shaft-driven accessory.

We reached out to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York to see if they could identify it, however, they are closed for the winter.

Would any of our readers, possibly retired military veterans, know what this engine was built for?