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When history is so much more awesome than the memory of it

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Now, here’s something you don’t see every day: David Bowie and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in a side-piped and black panthered, hood-scooped Pontiac. But seriously, folks…

What’s amazing about this – we’re gonna guess wedding-day – photo isn’t so much the white tux or the painted drums or the panther leaping through the field of Acapulco Gold or the modified seaweed flames or even that oh-so-Seventies stance with the short sidewall and the gaping wheel well, but the sum of the parts.

Ad agencies have struggled for years to nail the magic in this photo. Everything comes together in ways that amazing as they are rare. And we thank all that is good and holy for the gold paint with the sky-blue flames running down the sides of this early ’70s A-body: If it wasn’t for this paint scheme, the hair wouldn’t make sense against those – what are they, Appliances? The scoop would look a little crazy. The white vinyl interior would be, well, a stock white interior. That paint is the Big Lebowski oriental rug of this entire scene: It ties the room together.

Anyone know who these rulers are? Know the car? Is one of you, out there across Hemmings Nation, the photographer? Let’s hear it…