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What to pull your tub with…

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The print says June 1970. And is there a better snapshot of what life was like for a dyed-in-the-seaweed-flames gearhead and muscle car freak than this? CHANGE. OUR. MIND.

But seriously, just drink in this snapshot of life in the American ‘burbs, circa ’70: a flatbottom V-drive drag-nay-ski boat with… What is that? A Chevy with what looks like a Hilborn stack fuel injection setup on top of it? Dry headers replacing whatever thru-transom units it was sold with. Polished Fentons on the trailer? And who made that hull? Stevens? Biesemeyer?

And then, there’s the Corvette. Based on what we can see, what year and model is this thing? Not the first time we’ve seen a boat being pulled by a muscle car, much less a Corvette, and it always makes us wonder: What’s it like to back that thing down the ramp in the cockpit of a C3?

We’d love to hear the backstory on this snapshot. Anyone know anything about it? And who took it? Fire up the memory cards, folks…