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WATCH: How to turn a ’53 Chevy into a stone killer

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We might argue that one of the main reasons for the redesign of the Muscle Machines weekly newsletter was to not just celebrate the new look of the magazine, but to be a regular source of…well, alternative muscle. Man cannot live on Chevelles and Camaros and Mustangs, alone. Ever meet a guy who can only talk about cross-reference numbers for 2nd-gen Novas? That conversation will last about a six-pack before you start wondering where the rest of the pizza went.

So, it’s with that in mind that we bring you Austin, Texas’ Scott Brown and his ’53 Chevy Bel Air. With a 6.0 LQ4. And a 72-mm turbo. And poverty caps. And a trailer hitch. We’ve been aware of Scott and his Bel Air for awhile now, but videos like this bear repeating: It’s just plain cool to see something that’s got some style to it, brother.

Look, while a brand-new GT or a Hellcat or SS or R/T is very, very cool…well, let’s just say it out loud: It doesn’t take much imagination to own and run one. We’re not about to poo-poo 700-plus horsepower with air-conditioning and a warranty, but a ’53 Chevy coupe that can turn 9.0s is something that takes creativity, ingenuity, and mechanical talent.

While you enjoy Scott’s down-home demeanor and his ability to walk just about anyone he comes up against on the quarter-mile, remember: The world is an amazing place, and you can build something righteously cool and wickedly quick that’s got some personality, style, and makes life a whole lot more fun. Be different. Do something unexpected. Torque. Is. Life.