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VIDEO: “Gone Junkin!”

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So, three buddies, who each happen to have YouTube channels, like going to junkyards, finding old cars and getting them started, running and moving. “Thunderhead289,” “Junkyard Digs” and “Dylan McCool” really do seem to be living the dream.

We chose this episode at the head of their series that finds the three cranking on a ’70 Plymouth Satellite in the weeds of a Tennessee junkyard. Their homegrown show, Junkyard Digs, is brilliant in its simplicity: Find a bitchin’ old car in a junkyard/junky yard, get it running, then get it moving and make sure it’s all recorded.

Now, pour yourself something cold and carve out an hour: They don’t do a whole lot of editing, which makes each installment refreshingly real, but long. Great nuggets of information come out of each of them as they get this old Satellite running, which reinforces our theory that Millennials really might be gearheads, yet they really don’t care what anyone over 50 thinks about their  gearheadedness.

While this is the @junkyarddigs video, make sure to catch the other installments from @dylanmccool and @thunderhead289 – we’d hang out with these guys all weekend. Like we always say, “Your 20s are for finding the cars, your 30s are for working on them and your 40s are for buying the drinks.”