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Bird-watching from afar: Name this specimen

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The male of the species is always more colorful, but that’s because he’s competing for attention. Which is glorious.

We look at a lot of cars in any given day. A lot of cars. And when it comes to muscle cars, we see our fair share of 1st-Gen Camaros and Firebirds. So, when a great old photo comes across our path that stops us in our tracks, we feel like it’s one worth sharing with you.

Take, for instance, this ’67 Firebird convertible, complete with early ’70s-correct polished slots, webbing, gun-squirts, fades and panels. Not to mention two velocity stacks on carbs poking through the hood, as a Nova (SS, maybe?) looks on.

Anyone know anything about this most epic family photo album snapshot? Does this kid still own this car? Is that a 400? Are those air shocks? Does the car still look like this? Is there a chrome goofy foot bolted to the spoon? The mind wanders…