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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1963 Ford Econoline

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USAF veteran 1963 Ford Econoline for sale on From the seller’s description:

1963 USAF Flightline truck. Still wearing the AF blue color. Government order plate is bolted onto the dash. Flightline lights on the front and flightline stickers on the dash, 54 years after it was purchased by the AF. Mechanically sound. Runs great and drives nice. Lots of new or restored parts. Upgraded to 3 speed auto, comes with all 3 speed manual components if you choose to convert back. Body is solid and relatively untouched. Interior is clean and seats are near perfect. Doors open easily and windows all work. Tailgate has been repaired due to minor rust at the bottom. Solid bed that you can walk in.

Owned by a retired USAF Crew Chief. I have owned the truck for 13 years and have been building the truck to be used in parades. That’s why I converted it to an automatic transmission. Under the hood a 2 barrel carb was added along with a header to the strong engine. Easy to convert back to stock if you like, but it drives nice with these additions. Comes with a gallon of AF Blue enamel paint.

Very rare truck! I was unable to find pictures of the truck on the flightline, but I did find the truck in the 1963 Military Preparedness and Civil Defense film 250200-01 Operation Under Fallout. (How to survive a nuclear war) The truck appears at the 24:00 minute point. ( The truck is on a B-52 flightline and has M5 painted on the side. That is Mike 5, the call sign for the Maintenance Supervisor.

Original keys with #13 AF brass chit that matches the number 13 on the side of the cab. Tire pressure is stenciled inside the door jamb. Antifreeze information is stenciled under the engine cover. Battery box and jack included.

Own a rare and impressive piece of military history. As a military member I wonder how many young men and women traveled onto the flightline in the back of this truck during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Very hard to find in original condition.

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Maple Valley, Washington
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