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Four-Links – Plug Bug, unreported Jeeps, Studebaker Hamilton, Shay history

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Most stories of electric conversions on older cars stop right after the test and tune phase. Corbin Dunn, however, has kept us current (geddit?) on his Beetle EV conversion through the years. (via)

1946 Willys Jeep. Photo courtesy FCA.

* One would think that, when looking to quantify the economic impact of outdoor recreation, one would naturally include off-roading via Jeeps and other four-wheel-drive vehicles along with off-roading motorcycles. Except, in a recent federal report, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis apparently didn’t. Modern Jeeper has more on the alleged underreporting.

* It appears Studebaker’s Hamilton, Ontario, assembly plant is no longer a brownfield and that redevelopment plans are apace.

* Forty years ago, Harry Shay decided to reproduce the Ford Model A. He did rather well at it, too, with production numbers in the thousands before he called it quits. (via)

* Finally, though Briggs Cunningham entered the cars privately, GM still jumped in to produce a video telling the story of its Corvettes at Le Mans in 1960. (via)